Atmospheric Water Generation vs Traditional Water Supply

Clean water is one of the essential ingredients and natural building blocks for life on earth. One of the greatest benefits of the Cirrus Water Atmospheric Water Generators is that it eliminates the need for Municipal and bottled water.

Find out why.

Atmospheric Water Generation Costs

  • At current prices a 1000 litre/day (1 m3/day) module will produce 7 200 000 litres (7 200 m3) over a 20-year life cycle.
  • With proper maintenance the generation cost per litre would be R 0,22 (incl. CAPEX, maintenance and electricity)
  • Variable costs with the AWG are limited to electricity costs as no input chemicals are required
  • The need for additional filtration and treatment is eliminated due to the water source
  • Due to the size of the units they can be placed where needed, thus reducing reticulation costs

Traditional Water Supply costs

  • Municipal Water
  • Heavily subsidised (up to 98%)
  • Some municipalities spend R 1,43/l and charge only R 0,02/l with the difference subsidised by tax
  • Bottled Water
  • Fairly low-cost source
  • Cost added by filtration (R 0,06-0,60/l) plus bottling plus delivery
  • Bulk filtered water costs R 1,00/l if collected and R 3,20/l if delivered