Remote Businesses

Remote Businesses

Remote businesses (bush lodges, mining exploration, oilrigs and ships at sea) have difficulty accessing drinking water – often requiring expensive transport of bottled water to these sites.

Cirrus water is the solution to providing cost effective, pristine quality drinking water that has a reduced carbon footprint.

Sector Issues:  Access to drinking water is difficult, often requiring expensive transport of bottled water to the environment (e.g. helicopter for oil rigs)

Cirrus Water Solution: Cirrus Water can be created on and then piped through the site to chilled dispensers, coffee machines, urns and kettles


  • The cost per litre of drinking water is reduced
  • The carbon footprint associated with transporting water disappears
  • Health risks associated with some plastics leaching chemicals that act like oestrogen disappear

Who should be using us

  • Architects
  • Asset Owners
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Developers
  • Quantity Surveyors