Smarter. More Efficient. More Reliable.

Cirrus Water Atmospheric Water Generators are all manufactured locally, with final assembly of all the components undertaken at our premises in Kyalami, Johannesburg and Paarden Island, Cape Town.

Each water generator is built with the volume of clean drinking water in mind. From the CWM100, capable of generating up to 100 litres of drinking water per day (ideal for the home and small offices), to the CWM 1,000 (capable of up to 1,000 litres of water in a 24H cycle), these water generators will satisfy all requirements.

Cirrus Water’s industrial/commercial units are scalable and interfaced in sequence to fulfil the most sizeable water requirements. These models have been designed to work in most arid environments with humidity levels as low as 40%.


Remote Telemetry

The availability of drinking water can be mission-critical to many businesses.

To ensure peace-of-mind, Cirrus Water can provide remote telemetry to their clients, displaying water production, water stocks, machine productivity and up-time. Potential problems can be addressed as early as possible, thereby ensuring business continuity.

Climate Control System

To operate at optimal levels, the technology requires ambient humidity of at least 40% and a temperature of 18ºC. In places where the humidity or temperatures fall below optimal levels, Cirrus Water’s revolutionary Climate Control System is coupled to the water generator and uses recycled grey water or harvested rainwater to artificially create humidity in the air. This humidity is then re-condensed and passed through advanced filtration processes to give pristine drinking water.