Small Apartment Block

Industry: Residential

Problem: Regular water supply interruptions due to breakages in municipal water supply.

Solution: Body Corporate installed a CWM100 unit on the roof of the block, piping pristine water to each apartment, resulting in massive 56% cost saving.

Prior Solution

Small apartment block housed 20 people across six apartments.

 Regular breakages in municipal water occurred, leading to the water supply being interrupted,

 Leakages into water supply carried diseases, resulting in ill tenants, and loss of productivity.

Other Issues

Cirrus Solution

Body Corporate installed a CWM100 unit on the roof of the block, and piped the pristine water to each apartment.

Telemetry calculates each apartment’s usage and charges accordingly.

The Total Cost of Ownership over a five-year period was calculated at R2.20, a massive 56% saving over bottled water!


Each family bought bottled water, requiring planning and stocking of bottled water.

Travel costs to restock on water added to the cost.


No more last minute and expensive trips were required to the local store.

Cirrus water is piped directly to dedicated faucets, negating the need for bottle logistics.


Concerns of plastic containers leaching dangerous BPA’s into the water


Poor quality municipal water and BPA’s leaching into bottled water is avoided.



Large carbon footprint associated with the transport of the bottled water and from the plastics used.


Because Cirrus water is made on-site, it has a greatly reduced carbon footprint.


At an average cost of R5 per litre, bottled water is extremely expensive.


Fuel costs and toll-road expenses do not affect Cirrus water, as it is made on-site.


Capital Investment: R150,000

Monthly Saving: 56%

Break-even point: 24 months

Nett Savings over five years: R505,000

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