Water connects every aspect of life, it is an active force. Its powerful and when used wisely, it can change the world.

This is a general statement but it isn’t an overstatement.

Water security is a strategy that sets a clear purpose and direction for our efforts to guarantee we can meet current and future needs. We believe a business solution to water poverty is the only truly sustainable approach to the problem, and that water is too essential a resource to leave its availability to chance.

At Cirrus Water we provide an eco-friendly solution for producing great tasting, pure and fresh drinking water by capturing atmospheric vapor and through condensation turning it into clean potable water. Our water generating machines can be used at home and across a diverse range of industries and sectors.

Founded in 2004, and having built our first water generating machine in 2008, today we also provide consultancy services covering all aspects of atmospheric water generation including, but not limited to; system solution design, supply of pre-manufactured and custom-made systems, project management, financing and specialised projects.