Pure drinking water created, filtered and delivered on the spot.
We generate water from the air.

Cape Town Water Crisis

No need to collect water, when you have the ability to generate your own water at home.

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100L per day

Suitable for Schools & Clinics

Business Solutions

Convenient water systems customized for how your business operates. Whether you have a single location or multiple offices.

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500L per day

Suitable for Schools, Clinics & Boutique Hotels

Water Security

Commercial units with the capacity to provide any volume of water required, regardless of the size of the business.

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1000L per day

Suitable for Schools, Clinics, Mines & Municipalities

Water from Air

Water connects every aspect of life. Access to safe water and sanitation can quickly turn problems into potential - unlocking education, work opportunities, and improved health across the world.

Imagine water technology that can generate water from the air we breathe and at a fraction of the cost of buying bottled water. Imagine a water cooler that filters this water to provide healthy and pure drinking water.

Step 1: You choose your generator size

Step 2: We deliver and install

Step 3: Enjoy safe secure water

Our Atmospheric Water Generators on the ground


Superior Water Quality

Cirrus water is superior in quality since it is produced from water vapour where no water-borne diseases can survive and doesn't risk containing dangerous chemicals often leached into bottled water from the plastic.

In the Media

Listen to, read and watch a collection of media items covering Cirrus Water Management, and our products and services.

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ecent Atmospheric Water Generatos Installations
Recent Installations

With over 10 years of experience, our well trained and experienced teams ensure that installations run smoothly, with minimum disruption and inconvenience to our clients.

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Environmentally Friendly Water

Cirrus water is made on-site and piped directly to chilled dispensers, coffee machines, urns and kettles – thereby reducing the high carbon footprint associated with bottled water.